Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Start Where You Are

I have decided, recently, that I need to implement a new mantra in my life. The Hollywood Houswife, whom I love, made her 2012 mantra "Start Where You Are". Initially, I thought, "well, of course you would start where you are? Where else would you start?". Lately, though, I have seen the importance of remembering such a thing.

Whether its my organization, my weekly planner, meal planning, blogging, etc I tend to focus on what I haven't done. I found myself looking at my weekly organization planner today and reading over all the tasks I should have done Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday that never got accomplished. Do you know what I was doing those days instead of sweeping, dusting, and restocking the toilet paper? I was working and snuggling my sweet boy, who I missed all weekend while we were in Colorado.

So, I've realized that I need to focus on the present and what is immediately in front of me. I need to start where I am. Not in the past where I tend to dwell or in the future that I so optimistically look forward to but right where I am. Okay, maybe not right where I am because this folding chair isn't doing much for me, but I digress.

Moving forward with my mantra I must say (to all 3 people who read this) that I will not be doing my back posts for my 30 day challenge. I know. You were totally looking forward to reading the letter to someone who hurt me. I realized that I couldn't commit myself to sitting down and blogging because all I could think about was how many days I was behind and how long it would take me to write a blog post with 7,835 things I have forgotten to write about.

I am starting from where I am and you should too :-)

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