Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 1 - Interesting Facts

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Talk about a tough place to start! Who can randomly generate 15 interesting facts about themselves?!? That being goes nothin!

1) My husband (Ed) and I met on EHarmony. We still joke that only weirdos meet online. Evidently its true.

2) My son's name is coincidentally the same as the county in which I grew up. 

3) No, I did not name him after the county in which I grew up. 

4) My first true love was not a boy.

5) It was a chocolate dog 

6) Yummy delicious bread is my vice.

7) So is red wine.

8) I have determined that one of the worst things about being pregnant is that after the baby is born you are expected to return to wearing normal pants...

9) ...I would live in yoga/sweat pants if I could.

10) I feel like I am absolutely terrible at making new friends, but I am working on it!

11) One of my favorite things about being on vacation is being able to read all day...especially now that I am a mom and "me time" is precious!

12) I wish I were a distance runner. I have always thought I would love to run but have never actually gotten past the part where my lungs feel like they might burst. This tends to be a deterent. 

13) I decided that I wanted to get my masters in Criminal Justice when Yale student, Annie Le, was murdered and the FBI was searching our work parking lot for clues. (To clarify, I did not work at Yale. There was a trash processing plant right next door to my work and they believed evidence may have been taken there via the Yale trash). 

14) I absolutely love bad tv! Real Housewives? Bethenny Ever After? Pretty Little Liars? Yes, Yes, Yes!

15) I have just recently started a new career venture with Stella and Dot and am super excited about where it might lead!

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