Thursday, May 24, 2012


Things have been crazy busy around here! This week I have finally felt like I can sit down, breathe, and spend some down time with my little man.

Speaking of my little man....he turned 6 months old the other day! I cannot believe he is already that old! It has been such a fun time though...he's moving and talking, and so interactive. He is right on the verge of crawling, which I could definitely wait for! His first tooth is also making its grand entry. We had some jagged corners popping through today, so I'd say any day we will have a full on tooth. Oy.

It never ceases to amaze me thats its possible to love someone this much. Even on my worst days this little boy changes it all.

In other news...I have been bit by the re-decorating bug. I blame it on the fact that this is the longest I have ever lived in one resident (aside from growing up). I have had the tendency to move every year, if not sooner. Now that we're home owners, though, this gypsy has to stay put. I am busy re-creating our living room, though, so stay tuned for how thats going!

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