Thursday, May 24, 2012


I. Hate. iPhoto.

A few months ago Ed and I broke down and bought two new MacBooks. Its the first time either of us have had Mac computers. We've had iPods, iPod touches, and Ed had an iPhone. We were well versed in apple products. Branching out there and getting Mac computers, though, was a huge step. Ed got his first. He was starting his masters degree and my laptop just wasn't cutting it. After playing around on his for a few weeks I finally broke down and admitted that I wanted one too. My PC was a POS, so I got the exact same one as his, personalized it with my handy-dandy craftiness and proceeded to transfer all of my stuff over.


While this post was intended to be about how much I loathe iPhoto, let me also touch on how much I hate transferring music to a new computer. Ugh. I thought I had it all figured out when I transferred all 4,000 of my songs onto our external hard drive then copied them onto my Mac. Of course, I forgot that my music wouldn't be available unless the external hard drive was hooked up, and frankly, that pissed me off enough to decide to deal with it another day.

Back to iPhoto.  The root of my problem is organization. I love organization. My photos...not organized. Not even a little. On my PC everything was categorized into what year the photo was taken then broken down into folders for the event. I liked it. I knew how to find stuff. Now....we just have pictures everywhere. Pictures are organized by date but I'll be damned if there isn't a date for  At this point I'm not even worrying about old pictures, I'm just trying to get my pictures of P organized.

Has anyone else had this problem?!? Am I still too new to this to understand how to make it work efficiently? Is there another app that makes me less likely to stab myself in the eye?!?

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