Saturday, September 15, 2012

5 on Saturday: Because my #6 requires an entire post!

My friend Cameron does an awesome job keeping up to date on her family's life with "5 on Friday", which I absolutely love! As a variation (and because I tend to have more time on Saturday), I am going to attempt a 6 on Saturday!

1) Preston was "sick" this week, which was EXHAUSTING! I was amazed by the level of patience that is required to take care of a sick baby. I am still not sure what his deal is, but I have narrowed it down to either seasonal allergies or runny nose as a result of teething. Most of the teeth he was working on, though, have cut through, so I am thinking he got my seasonal allergies. I am going to pick up some medicine today to see if I can offer the kid some relief! He isn't sneezing anymore, thankfully, but he is still congested and has a runny nose.

2) Ed and I are going on our first date night in....way too long! We usually stick to the standard dinner and a movie, but we both seem to be feeling a little adventurous, so I think we are going to head downtown! There is a restaurant that I have been wanting to try -- Flight -- which is exactly what it sounds like. A flight is a grouping of 3, so you can try a flight of red wine (3 small glasses of different red wines), a flight of salad (3 different small portions of salad), and/or a flight of steak (3 pieces of steak prepared in different ways with different toppings). Its different than our usual. I am looking forward to a night out after spending so many weeks apart!

3) I have a secret first love. Okay, well its not really a secret, as she is one of the most spoiled members of our household...

 The Ring Bearer in our Wedding 

 Anyway, Miss Bella Frances is having surgery on Tuesday to remove a golf ball size fatty tumor from her armpit. The doctor seemed to think it would be a quick procedure and she wont even need a drain, which is good. I am nervous for her, though I know she will get around much easier without it interfering with her leg! Now to figure out how to keep Preston from climbing on her and Zoey from wrestling with her while she recovers...

4) I am still hard at work figuring out what the heck I am doing with our living room wall. As I have previously mentioned, once we moved our couches around the pictures that were hanging didnt look right. We also happened to buy some photographs when we were in Charleston in the spring. I have those hanging, but I still need to get the prints made to hang the smaller pictures I want up. I swear we will be moving before I finally get around to it. Last week I finally hung pictures in the hallway. We've lived here a year and a half!

5) Speaking of moving....looks like we will be heading north in May. As of now, we dont know where we will be stationed next and probably wont know until March or April, but we do know that we will definitely be going to CT for 6 months while Ed finishes SOAC (civilian translation: department head school [though I realize that makes as much sense to you as SOAC]). Ideally, we would stay in CT, but we are both well aware that the Navy likes to "surprise" us. Nonetheless, we have been looking at houses, which makes it super exciting!

6) I was going to regale you on Preston and my adventures to Connecticut over Labor Day, but looking at the pictures, I realized it required an entire post. Stay tuned for pictures of my future daughter in law, gorgeous best friend/bride, and naughty little boy taking over New England!

As a wrap up...our week in photos!

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