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The day I said "I do" I married the love of my life and the United States Navy. Since then we have been enjoying the life that the Navy has offered us. This is the story of my days as a wife, stay at home mom of 3 , dog wrangler, and coordinator of our crazy lives!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Musings v.2

Welcome to Monday Musings where I discuss all of the random things that are going on around here!

* I tried out a delicious new desert today (you read that correctly...today. In my opinion, pregnant women need not wait until after dinner to have desert, though I will likely have desert again). I digress. The desert I made was a VERY easy cobbler. My blog friend Andi posted the recipe on her blog and I have been dying to try it. Run on over there to see how to make a cobbler with 3 ingredients and very minimal work. I made mine with apples. It was delish!

* We have had to implement time out around here the last couple of days. P is actually really easy to get along with, but he has decided to start testing boundaries...namely playing in the dogs water bowls and throwing his toys at them. He seems to understand that he is in trouble but it hasn't changed his behavior. Yet.

* P's urology appointment went well last week and we were able to schedule surgery for next Wednesday. It's crazy we were able to do it so soon....I'm quite nervous, especially since Ed isnt able to get out of work to go with me.

* I went to the city (NYC) with some friends this weekend to see a Broadway show, which was a lot of fun! We are all moms to toddlers and crazy pregnant, which made it even more entertaining. We went and say The Nance, which we all had mixed reviews on. The first act was pretty funny but the end left much to be desired. The one thing that made it worth it is that we were able to see it with Nathan Lane starring as Chauncey. He is amazingly talented, and funny, and I really don't know that the show would have been half as entertaining with someone else in that role.

* We are going to Buffalo this weekend to see Ed's family since he has a long weekend off. It's crazy to think that this is likely the last time we will be able to go before the girls are born.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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