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Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Musings v. 3

I have been MIA the past couple of weeks due to some craziness, but am happy to be back again for another version of Monday Musings!

* We have finally received official verbal orders for our next duty station. Bremerton, Washington here we come! We have been told for the last couple of months that this is where we are going to be going but without official orders it was meaningless. Hell, with official orders its still relatively meaningless. The submarine force is notorious for changing things (often for good reason) and it can be tough to change plans on a whim. Neither of us have ever been to Washington so I'd love to hear from anyone who knows anything about the area!

* Preston had his surgery last Wednesday, which explains why things have been absolutely crazy around here and I have not posted in a while. Everything went well, but we have been running around like crazy people since. He is generally happy during the day but sleeping is rough and diaper changing has been advanced to a whole new level of torture.

* Stella & Dot has released the fall preview for stylists and there are some seriously cute pieces getting ready to come out! It's hard to think about a fall wardrobe when its 100 degrees out, though. I have been slow with S&D lately because of moving and being gigantically pregnant but I am hoping to get a couple of shows in over the next couple of months. If you are interested in shopping for some great pieces you can go here, or if you want to host your own show and get them for free just let me know! I'd love to set up a show for you!

* I am participating in a children's book exchange with some fellow bloggers. It's kind of a like an old school chain letter in that you send a book to child #1, move #2 up and add your child to #2 then pass it along to 6 other moms or moms to be. If you'd love to participate I have a couple of slots open. It's nice because you can literally just send one book via amazon and then get books from others! Everyone loves getting stuff in the mail!

Wow, this post is full of reader participation! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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