Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 9: 30 Day Challenge

Please bare with my while I try to get caught up! If you are interested in the previous 8 days just stay tuned...I will be back posting them!

Day 9 - 5 Places You Want to Visit

1. Bora Bora -- My idea of relaxing is laying somewhere (preferably the beach) reading book after book. What better place to do that than in one of those over the water huts?

2. Hawaii -- You'd think being a Navy family this would not be on my list....I have not been there though. Ed has gone the last couple of years for work related trips and absolutely raves about how beautiful it is and all of the fantastic things to do. Some day.

3. Greek Islands -- I have been to Athens, which was really cool, but it was only for a day, so I wasnt able to experience much more than Athens. Mama Mia alone leads me to believe I would love it. I mean, as long as people really do break into spontaneous song and dance.

4. Key West -- Another place Ed raves about...he spent a lot of time down there while he was in college (or he leads me to believe he spent a lot of time down there). It just sounds like such a fun laid back place. I need fun and laid back.

(I know there seems to be a theme here..lets mix it up)

5. Napa Valley -- I love wine. Wine loves me. I would love a long weekend in Napa Valley just eating and drinking and taking in the beautiful scenery!


  1. My best friend married a guy who is Greek and they went to the Greek Islands on their honeymoon. I was SO JEALOUS!!!

    Those sound like great places to visit!!


  2. I would also love to go to Greece and bop around all the islands!! I love your selection- all nice and tropical!