Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 13: 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 13: Talk About Your Piercings/Tattoos

I have 4 tattoos and no piercings (anymore). I use to have my nose pierced and my bellybutton pierced but those were both relatively short lived for various reasons.

I got my first tattoo when I was 18...its a chinese symbol on the top of my right foot that means "princess". I have toyed with the idea of having it removed but am not that seriously concerned about it at this point. It reminds me of my dad because I am the only girl and have always been his princess.

My second tattoo came not too long after the first. I took a picture of Nicole Richie to the tattoo artist and asked for a similar look (pictured below). I got something very similar...but a little more me. Mine are a little bigger and closer to the center of my back. Holy hell did that one hurt! 

My third tattoo came a year or two later. I had just gone through a really rough breakup and transition and opted to get the word "Believe" on my left thigh. It's a reminder to always believe that everything happens for a reason and that it will all work out in the end.

My fourth and final tattoo came a few months later. I apparently was thinking I was a super hero and got the words "Audax at fidelis" tattooed on my ribs. It is latin and translates to "bold but faithful". It is probably my favorite tattoo. No real reason other than I really like the way it looks. 

They aren't joking when they say that tattoos are addictive. As you can see, most of mine were done pretty close together. I occasionally toy with the idea of getting another one...maybe an anchor or maybe something for my kids (I kind of love Angelina Jolie's with all the longitude/latitude coordinates from where her children were born).


  1. No more tattoos! Unless I get one with you :)

  2. woohhh rib tattoos! Hear those hurt like heck (yet i'm planning on getting one ha). I have one tattoo so far, but will be adding to the list soon! Seriously they are so addicting! ha.