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Thursday, July 26, 2012

PJM - 8 months

Another awesome Chelsea, over at The Life We Love, has a sweet little 7 month old boy named Logan. Every month she does a bio for him, and I loved it so much I decided to borrow her idea. They will be fun little tidbits and pictures to remember P at this age!

Name: Preston James May
Age: 8 months (and 4 days)


  • Jumping in your bouncer! You love it so much that you think every toy you stand in is made for bouncing. Your NeNa bought you a walker and you couldn't understand why you were going anywhere when you jumped!

  • Picking things up off the floor and sticking them in your mouth. You are especially fond of the dogs food and seem to be able to find things even after I vacuum. Twice. 
  • Talking! Your favorites include "Da Da Da Da" (even though I keep telling you Ma Ma Ma Ma) and "Ba Ba Ba Ba"
  • Giggling! You think everything is the funniest thing you've ever seen! Especially when momma plays peak-a-boo with you or when the dogs lick your face.
  • Snorting and blowing raspberries. You make the most hysterical face where you scrunch of your nose and snort in and out. It's especially funny when I do it to you and you do it back.
  • You love Bella and Zoey! I originally thought you and Zoey were going to be kindred spirits just from how she was when I was pregnant and you were first born. Now I see that you love your Bella and she loves you. Boy does she love you! You are always climbing on top of her and grabbing her tail. She is so patient. She generally doesn't even move and when she does its only to give you a kiss.

Talents and Skills: 

  • We have just got through your sleep training. We have tried to do it in the past but you weren't having any of it! You would just sob and sob and sob for hours -- until someone picked you up and you would promptly pass out! We have been working on your sleep training for just over a week and you are doing so well! It has also helped you get onto a schedule. You are down to 2 naps a day now, but they are awesome long naps instead of those crazy 30 minute naps you use to like. You are so sweet when you sleep...

  • In a matter of weeks you have gone from doing an army crawl to sitting up, trying to crawl on your knees, and now pulling up on daddy and me, as well as the furniture. You are especially fond of the end table in the living room, probably because thats where we keep the tissues and magazines. 


  • You are the sweetest boy ever! You are so content and easy to get along with!! Momma is so lucky! You love to flirt with the girls when we are out and about and you are the best shopping buddy ever! You seem so content to just sit in the cart and look around -- to take it all in! You are so alert and it seems like you are learning something new all the time. I am constantly amazed by how sweet and amazing you are! 

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