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The day I said "I do" I married the love of my life and the United States Navy. Since then we have been enjoying the life that the Navy has offered us. This is the story of my days as a wife, stay at home mom of 3 , dog wrangler, and coordinator of our crazy lives!

Thursday, April 5, 2012


While juvenile, I find that we need to discuss something very monumental. The end of One Tree Hill. This show came out in 2003. I was still in high school in 2003. For nine seasons this show has been around...and do you know who has been watching it? Not high school kids...not teeny boppers. Me. Me and many other twenty-somethings. Ed makes fun of me. He says that he can't handle watching "teenage shows". I don't really care if he can't watch it...I can't not watch it. I am emotionally invested after 9 years. I must know what happens.

Anyway, last night was the 2 hour series finale. I knew that this was the last season, but did not know this was the finale until last week. I was not ready. I feel ambushed. I am currently operating under the notion that if I refuse to watch the final episode than its not really over. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, folks! I am not sure how long I can hold out though. Curiosity is killing me.

I'm sure I will end up watching it (likely by the end of the day. My resolve is not so strong). But it better be worth it. This better be epic. Nine years of my devotion is counting on it.

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