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The day I said "I do" I married the love of my life and the United States Navy. Since then we have been enjoying the life that the Navy has offered us. This is the story of my days as a wife, stay at home mom of 3 , dog wrangler, and coordinator of our crazy lives!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Intentions

As is obvious from my first post…I was psyched to start my blog and have a new outlet. Clearly, I haven’t been as good at keeping up with posting. How do other women do it? I am constantly amazed at the amount of things some are able to accomplish in a day. I am lucky to get P down for a nap and have a tiny bit of quiet time. I try to remind myself that he is only 4 months old, so I can cut myself some slack given that I’m not an expert yet. I seriously need to work on my time management skills, but how many times can you ignore something on a to-do list before you actually have to do it?
Ed and I are going to Charleston SC next weekend and I cannot wait! It will be the first time I will spend a night away from P, though, so I am a little apprehensive. I know he will be in good hands but I am just use to those hands being mine. It will be nice to get away though. Sleep in, stay out late, and drink too much wine.

Here’s to making more of an effort to post more often!

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