Friday, August 9, 2013

High Five for Friday: Recap Addition (v. 5)

I have been missing from the H54F posts for a couple of weeks so have some cute pictures from those couple of weeks!

1)) This is an anomaly! Zoey is infamous for running at the mere sight of Preston...most days she lays behind the couch where he tends to not bother her. On this day she was snuggling with me on the couch and he decided to join us...she even let him touch her. Amazing.

2)) Our good friends from Memphis, Mike and Brenna, spent a couple of months in Hawaii for Navy business and sent Preston a cute package with a lei and some Hawaiian animal crackers. He loves the lei so much that we had to put it on the shelf in his room!

3)) I have been busy trying to get things that we need for the girls, especially things that we don't think of because we already own ONE. I was at Once Upon a Child a couple of weeks ago and picked up a second Boppy pillow. Someone took it as her own almost immediately. Even today the cover is still off and Preston and Zoey take turns laying on it. Perhaps I need a third Boppy?!?

4)) Don't let this photo fool you...we have had no birthdays in our house recently. This has been my latest ploy to save sanity at the grocery store. This day in particular Preston was melting down but I HAD to go to the store. You will notice he isn't even wearing pants. Oh, we were so that family. Anyway, I got him a balloon to make our trip a little less disastrous. Anything with "Melmo" on it is awesome in this house! Also, I just threw this balloon away yesterday. It lasted three weeks. I'd say that's a good $3 spent.

5)) Oy. This photo still makes me crazy. I couldnt find Zoey for over an hour (while Preston was napping) and walked all over our yard, which is like 2 acres, yelling for her. I called my mom sobbing absolutely certain that something horrible had happened to her and/or that someone had taken her. On my last loop around the house I found her. In the flower bed outside our front door. I'm not even kidding.

** Don't let these photos fool you....we do have a second dog. A 7 year old chocolate lab named Bella. It's not that I dont love Bella (and choose not to include her). Bella is just smart enough to avoid most of the shenanigans.

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from H54F. I laughed at your #5. Zoey looks like she's trying to be a statue. So funny!

  2. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for stopping by! You completely nailed Zoey in that picture! She literally didnt move a muscle as I approached her and I swear she probably didnt move the entire time I yelled for her. Thank goodness I decided to check back in the house because I probably wouldnt have seen her otherwise!