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Monday, February 25, 2013

Now We're Talkin!

Incase you need an extra dose of cuteness this morning I thought I would post this video of Preston talking a couple of weeks ago. He started talking around the beginning of February and has just been taking off since! It's so funny, but now I have to watch what I say around him...yikes!

When I took this video I had the camera turned around so he could see himself, which as you will see...he thought was the most hysterical thing ever. The tongue...not sure whats up with that tongue lately!

He's up to about 15 words now...most of them names of friends and family members (and Bella, of course). He also LOVES to say "hi" any time Ed or I walk into a room. Of course, any time anyone else talks to him in public he just stares at them, unimpressed.

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